All Purpose Knife
This knife is primarily used for the softer cheeses and for the smaller cuts. It is important to keep the blade of the knife sharp, as a dull blade will damage Soft- Ripened cheeses such as Brie. To use this knife, start on the far side of the cheese and while applying pressure, pull toward you. Keep the knife blade clean and free of residue. Always cut Blue-Veined cheeses last, and wash the knife after use, as the mold can contaminate other cheeses.
Two-Handled Knife
The two-handled knife is used on almost all Pressed Cooked and Pressed Uncooked cheeses. It should not be used on any wheel over 40 pounds, or on Soft-Ripened, Fresh or Goat cheeses.
Two-Handled Long Wire Cutter
The wire cutter is used on any cheeses that are broader than the width of the two-handled knife, such as Cheddar, Emmenthaler or Gruyère. Cheeses must first be scored, and then the wire is drawn through the cheese in one movement. It produces a clean, smooth cut surface.
Cheese Wire with Platform Cutter
The most indispensable cheese cutting tool, the cheese wire with platform cutter is very versatile and can be used on most types of cheeses and sizes. With added care, it can also cut Soft-Ripened Bloomy and Washed Rind cheeses quite effectively. It consists of a small, hard plastic platform equipped with a spring-loaded single handled wire. It comes with hardware to mount onto the counter for added stability.
Parmesan Splitters
For whole wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano, or simply to prepare smaller pieces in the traditional way, Parmesan splitters are used.
The four knives needed are as follows:
1 - The Rind Cutter is a hook-tipped knife used for scoring the rind of the cheese.
2 - The Almond Knife is a classic all-purpose knife used for scoring the rind, wedging the cheese open and breaking the cheese into nugget-sized pieces
3 - The Pointed Spatula is a sharp, wide blade used for plunging deeply into the cheese
4 - The Flat Spatula is a long, sharp, squared blade used to cut away excess rind, and divide the cheese into small wedges
If cutting pre-cut quarter wheels, the two-handled knife and/or cheesewire with platform cutter can also be used.